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Top Rated File Recovery Software


Every day, many people lose files from different devices, whether it's a virus infection, a hardware failure, or just human error, it's all too easy to lose vital files. we know that all of them want to recover the data, but not everyone finally recovers the data. In that case, we recommend a top-rated file recovery software to recover your important data back.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Bitwar Data Recovery is a fast, reliable and top-rated file recovery software with powerful functions.

It has the following important features

#1 Security - The first criterion you should take into consideration is whether the software is virus-free and safe to use. Otherwise, the files on your computer or device may be damaged, or even raise privacy concerns. The Bitwar Data Recovery installation package is guaranteed to contain no software bundles and backdoor. Does not view and reveal your privacy. You can safely install, disconnect Network recovery, and finally uninstall after recovery.
#2 Recovery model - A best file recovery software can recover lost data for a variety of reasons. Like mistakenly deleted, incorrectly formatted, emptied the recycle bin, etc. Bitwar Data Recovery has recovery mode like deleted file recovery, formatted hard drive recovery, USB/Memory Card Recovery, Recycle Bin recovery, lost partition recovery, deep recovery (Although the normal scan is enough, you can also deep scan (takes more time) to further increase the possibility of recovering data. ). 

#3 Supported File Types - Also, the best data recovery software should be qualified for retrieving as many file types as possible, like photos, images, audio, document, video, compressed file and other files. Bitwar Data Recovery can retrieve files of all types.
#4 fastest Recovering Speed - Bitwar Data Recovery applies the best technologies to give you the fastest scan, instant preview, and lightning recovery. the whole recovering process just a few minutes are needed. You are also allowed to preview and selectively recover the files you really needed, but not all files.

#5 Easiest Operation – Bitwar Data Recovery makes complicated data recovery as plain as 3 clicks, no tech knowledge required.

How to Use Bitwar Data Recovery to recover deleted data

Go to the Download Page of Bitwar Data Recovery and click on the Download button to download it on your Windows or Mac computer, install it and follow the steps below to recover the file.

Download Bitwar Data Recovery:

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Step 1:Launch Bitwar Data Recovery

When the installation is complete, Launch Bitwar Data Recovery. In Standard Mode, you can see 6 different data recovery modules here, and each of them focuses on different data loss scenarios. Select a recovery mode based on your data lost when you want to find it back.

  Delete File Recovery: Disk data accidentally deleted or empty the Recycle Bin can be recovered from her
●  Formatted Disk Recovery: Mistakenly formatted disk, USB drive, removable hard drives and memory cards can be restored from here;
●  External Devices Recovery: Accidentally deleted files on the USB drive, removable hard drives, memory cards and camera card can be restored from here;
●  Recycle Bin Recovery: Recycle Bin emptied by mistake or Deleted files from Recycle Bin can be restored from here;
●  Lost Partition Recovery: Accidentally re-partition or Ghost installation system causes the partition lost, you can find lost partitions and files here;
●  Deep Recovery: Matching existing file structure in partition can find more files, but with no file name provided, scanning will take longer.

 Top Rated File Recovery Software

Step 2: Select ranges of restores

Select the partition/drive where you want to find the lost files back from. then click "Next". 

Top rated file recovery software

Select the types of files. You can choose the type of Images, Photos, Audios, Videos, Documents, Compressed Files etc. Then click on the button "Next".

Top rated file recovery software 

Step 3: Preview and recover the lost files

Bitwar Data Recovery will start to scan quickly. You can pause your recovery progress temporarily and resume later. Also, you are able to export scanning results if necessary. After a scan, you can make a selective recovery with Preview before recovery to determine which one you want.

how to recover lost or deleted files 

Choose the lost data you want from the scanning results and click on the "Recover" button to save all the lost files back.

Tips: please save files to another partition or disk to avoid data overwriting.

deleted file recovery software pc 

Now you know, using Bitwar Data Recovery to recover data is very simple and convenient, you do not need to know any data recovery knowledge, According to the operating procedures, you can recover lost files easily and quickly. Overall, Bitwar Data Recovery is the Top-rated file recovery software to recover accidentally deleted files, thanks to its inherent efficiency and simplicity.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download 

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