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The Cheapest Alternative to Data Recovery Experts for Hard drive Recovery


1. How data recovery experts do to recover your hard drive?
2. Is there a cheapest alternative to Data Recovery Experts for hard drive recovery?
3. How much does Bitwar Data Recovery cost?
4. How to process a Do-It-Yourself Data Recovery on your hard drive?
5. Tips before a DIY data recovery

6. Conclusions

Are you seeking a data recovery expert/specialist to recover lost data on your hard drive? Moreover, do you know how much does a data recovery service cost? Some data recovery experts told me that they charge $1 per GB. Which means if you have a 5TB hard disk; it will cost you 5000 dollars.
1.The Cheapest Alternative to Data Recovery Expert for hard drive recovery

1. How data recovery experts do to recover your hard drive?

First, you need to call data recovery experts/specialists or a data recovery company nearby, tell them what's the problem on your hard drive and send the hard drive to them.

Secondary, you need to book a date with the data recovery experts; it doesn't means when you called data recovery experts, you can get the lost data back immediately. Normally it will take about 5-10 days; it depends on how many people wait in the queue.

As a conclusion, you must wait for a longer time until the data recovery experts recovered the data and sent back the hard drive to you.

2. Is there a cheapest alternative to Data Recovery Experts for hard drive recovery?

Fortunately, the question can be easily answered by a best free data recovery software – Bitwar Data Recovery. Moreover, no matter accidentally deletion recovery, format recovery, raw recovery, corrupted/damaged hard drive recovery, external device data recovery. It's easy to use Bitwar Data Recovery by your own to recover data immediately once you found data loss.

Bitwar Data Recovery has a user-friendly interface, easy 3 steps mode to recover lost data on hard drive, PC/Mac, iPhone/Android Phone, USB drive, Recycle Bin/Trash, SD card, memory stick, digital camera, digital camcorder, etc. You can recover any of file types by Bitwar Data Recovery from your device, such as Photo/image, document, video, audio, compressed file, etc.

Main features of Bitwar Data Recovery:

1) Read-only Recovery: The software will read only on your hard drive to find the existing data, will not fix or modify any of the data.
2) Easy 3 steps Recovery: Steps from select device, scan the data to recover data. The software offers a user-friendly interface; you can operate the software without tech skills.
3) Powerful scan mode: Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Formatted recovery.
4) Powerful file filter function: Filter the data with Type, Path, Time and you can enter the file name to search the data you need.
5) Powerful preview function: Double-Click or single click the magnify button or thumbnail icon to preview the data and check the data you need or not.
6) Powerful multiple file selection function:  Select the file(s) with multiple selection function to short recovery time.
7) Recover data with original file folder structure:  You can recover lost data with your original file folder structure/folder name.

3. How much does Bitwar Data Recovery cost?

Bitwar Data Recovery cost USD 49 for a one-year license, and USD99 for a lifetime license, the price is very much lower than hire data recovery experts/specialists or a data recovery company. In addition, there are no limits for hard drive recovery amounts. You can recover the data completely as you need.

You can purchase the license code in Bitwar online store: . Alternatively, you can also pay the membership fee inside the software with credit card or PayPal account. These are the same ways to get the Bitwar Data Recovery full version with the above two payment methods.

We do have the data recovery software for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android. Before you buy, you are welcomed to test our free trial version.

4. How to process a Do-it-yourself Data Recovery on your hard drive?

Follow the steps as below to process a Do-It-Yourself Data Recovery on your hard drive with Bitwar Data Recovery:

Step One

Launch Bitwar Data Recovery, select the device/partition of you need and hit Next.
2.The Cheapest Alternative to Data Recovery Expert for hard drive recovery

Step Two

Select Quick Scan and click next, select file type(s) that you need and hit Scan. If you cannot find the data you need, turn to Deep Scan next time.
4.The Cheapest Alternative to Data Recovery Expert for hard drive recovery

Step Three

Select what you need, you can choose to recover with original file folder structure or recover in the same directory after hit Recover.
3.The Cheapest Alternative to Data Recovery Expert for hard drive recovery

5. Tips before DIY data recovery.

Tips 1

If your computer cannot enter to the desktop, remove the hard drive, install to other computer, and then launch the Bitwar Data Recovery to scan the hard drive.

Tips 2

If you have formatted the hard drive after performed a quick format, you can select formatted recovery on the Bitwar Data Recovery to search the formatted data.

Tips 3

Accidentally deletion, emptied the Recycle Bin/Trash, just select the Quick Scan to search the data first or you can change to Bitwar Data Recovery Wizard Mode, select Deleted File Recovery or Recycle Bin Recovery. You can find more common recovery modes in wizard interface.

Tips 4 [Most Important]

Do not even try to copy, download, paste, write or overwrite with new data on the partition, hard drive, external device which contains lost data.

Tips 5 [Important]

Do not install the Bitwar Data Recovery to the partition that contains lost data. E.g., you found data lost in drive D, then install Bitwar Data Recovery in F. If your computer contains only one partition, then install Bitwar Data Recovery in an external drive.

6. Conclusions:

Both of us understand it's quite anxious after data loss, the only thing in mind is to retrieve the data soon as we can, especially sometimes we cannot wait for too long because we need to hold a meeting or share the photos with friends.

With a data recovery software, such as Bitwar Data Recovery, it's a cheapest alternative for you to process a Do-It-Yourself data recovery by your own than hire data recovery experts/specialists or a data recovery company. You don't need to wait in queue, simply follow the above tutorial to get your data back easily and completely.

Moreover, Bitwar Data Recovery can be installed in 3 computers after you paid the lifetime license. That means you can recover your colleague's computer, friend's computer or family's computer in the same time.

With the above tutorials, I am surely that you can be a data recovery expert right now, show your specialty to amaze your colleagues, friends or family.

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