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Introduction of a super easy hard disk data recovery tool

Many small partners are DMS asked me, is there a good hard disk data recovery tool, or do you have to do a comparison of cutting-edge data recovery tools to promote? Consulting the reason, it turns out that the computer hard disk for a variety of reasons have been formatted.
         A lot of important data, files, pictures and so on all lost, they can not find, for such a problem, small weave here to recommend this Bitwar Data Recovery. Bitwar Data Recovery can easily restore the various types of memory card has been mistakenly deleted photos and other documents, is very professional, very competitive also use a wide range of data recovery software, with a strong disk scanning, disk diagnostics, data recovery, memory card file recovery functions. The ability to recover files that have been deleted by mistake and formatted with a variety of file types that are missing.
         To live in your side of the hard disk data recovery master.
         How does Bitwar Data Recovery recover hard disk data?
First, we need to search the browser for Bitwar Data Recovery software, and to download the installation to your computer.
Download Bitwar Data Recovery directly on official web
Figure 1: Download the master data recovery guru directly on the official web
Second, the operation of Bitwar Data Recovery software, access to the main interface, Bitwar Data Recovery Support recovery mistakenly delete hard disk files, incorrectly formatted disk, mistakenly delete u disk/memory card data, empty the Recycle Bin files, and hard disk partition after the disappearance of the hard disk files. It is worth mentioning that in the above five ways if there are still some files can not be recovered or can not be found, the Bitwar Data Recovery There is a deep recovery will help us to a more in-depth and meticulous search recovery.
We are because the computer hard disk of the F-disk is formatted, so we choose to mistakenly format the disk for file recovery.
Figure 2: Choosing to format the disk incorrectly
Next, select the disk that you want to restore data to. Because to restore is the formatted F disk, so select the F disk, and then click "Next" into the file scan status, patiently waiting for the file scan to finish. Here needs to emphasize, hard disk data recovery process, prohibit to the source disk to write data, do not do disk defragmentation, as soon as possible with data recovery software recovery.
It is best to disconnect the network and close some unnecessary programs, because some programs will write data to the hard drive when the user is not visible.
Select the F disk to restore
Figure 3: Select the disk to restore
Select a file type.
Select the file type of the data you want to restore, assuming that you want to restore a picture, so select a picture, and if you want to restore other types of files in your storage card, select all types of files, and then click Next to scan the files.
Figure 4: Selecting the file type to recover
Finally recover the file. It is recommended to narrow the search by file name, type, path, time, and so on.
Find the scanned file to recover, click to see if you can preview, then click on the lower right corner of the "Restore" button can!
Preview the files that will be recovered
Figure 5: Previewing the files that are about to be recovered
The above is the Bitwar Data Recovery for a computer disk formatted data recovery, if the entire hard disk is all formatted, omnipotent data master can restore it? The answer is yes, at this time, it is recommended that you will be formatted computer a hard drive down, connected to the normal use of computer B. Make sure that computer A's hard drive is displayed as a normal disk on computer B. Turn computer B on and install Bitwar Data Recovery. Special attention should not be installed on computer A's hard drive. View the formatted computer a hard drive shown as F on computer B. The recovery process can then be recovered in the same way as above.

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