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How To Restore A Hard Disk After It Has Been Formatted?


The data on the hard drive is deleted, so the computer is formatted and unable to enter the system. The system needs to be reinstalled to rescue the hard drive. Before getting back the unsaved data of the formatted hard drive, we may wonder that how to recover it?


Is there an easy hard disk format recovery software available? For this problem,  the editor here to recommend this universal Bitwar Data Recovery.  Bitwar Data Recovery can quickly restore the various types of the memory card has been falsely deleted photos and other documents. It is a very professional, competitive also widely used in a range of data recovery software with a powerful disk scanning, disk diagnostics, data recovery, memory card recovery functions. It is available to recover files that have been deleted by mistake and formatted with a variety of file types that are missing. 

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Here's how the Bitwar Data Recovery to rescue data after the hard drive is formatted. 

1. Remove the hard drive from the formatted computer A and connect it to the normal use of computer B. Make sure that computer A's hard drive is shown as normal disk F on computer B. Turn computer B on and install Universal Bitwar Data Recovery.

The special attention that the software should not be installed on computer A's hard drive, F-disk.


2. Download the software-the master of Bitwar Data recovery on computer B, the software can be directly downloaded from the official web, can also search the browser to download.

Download Universal Bitwar Data Recovery on the official web:

Figure 1: Download Universal Data Recovery Master on official web

3. Open the software, on the following standard interface to select the function, that is, "Formatted Disk Recovery", note that the first access to the software interface, showing the wizard mode, you need to click the "Standard mode" button to switch the following image.

How To Restore A Hard Disk After It Has Been Formatted?


4. Enter the selected disk, to find the file on the interface you want to recover to scan.

How To Restore A Hard Disk After It Has Been Formatted?

5. Choose the data type on the interface which is going to get back.  There is a variety of data type can be selected, based on the data to be recovered and choose the disk.


Then click Next to go to the scan data process.

select file types

6. find the file to recover, click to see if you can preview, then click on the lower right corner of the "Recover" button!

Figure 5: Preview the picture you want to restore


The preceding part is a small introduction about the software, hope it can be helpful to you. The hard drive is formatted for some reasons, and if you encounter this condition, don't worry about it. Do not do a lot of hard disk data recovery, the ban to the source disk to write data, do not do disk defragmentation, with data recovery software recovery.

It is best to disconnect the network and close some unnecessary programs because some of them will write data to the hard drive when the user is not visible. Bitwar Data Recovery supports recovery mistakenly deleted hard disk files, incorrectly formatted disk, falsely deleted your disk/memory card data, empty the Recycle Bin files, and hard disk partition after the disappearance of the hard disk files.

It is worth mentioning that if there are still some files can not be recovered or cannot be found in the above five ways; the Bitwar Data Recovery has a deep recovery function will help us to a more in-depth and meticulous search recovery. Deep recovery can scan more files, but there are two drawbacks, the recovered file has no file name, and the scan costs longer time.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

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